New: 22 Different walk leaders


Dear Members

When I first had the idea of the 80,000km challenge I never dreamed how enthusiastically you would "buy in" to it.  As a result, we completed it with a month to spare.  After some thought, I have now come up with an idea for a new challenge.  It is based on the year, 2022.


Starting on February 6th, I would like to see if we can have 22 different walk leaders on 22 consecutive weekends!  Your walk can be in a brand new area, or could be a route that you have already been on with the club.  It could be a route that you have planned yourself, or something that you have seen in a book.  (When we went to Macclesfield in September, all 3 walks we did were lifted straight out of a guide-book that I had seen.)  The walk can be long or short, it doesn't matter.  If you can't read a map then follow the river or a canal.  Many of you have told me that you have ideas of an area or route that you would like to walk.  Others have told me that you are not quite ready to lead.  Well, this is your chance! Take the plunge, seize the moment, carpe diem!


There are many members who are experienced in leading who are prepared to assist, by helping to plan or being a "buddy" on the day.  Don't be afraid to ask for advice, help, ideas, support, etc.


The current programme lists the following leaders:

Feb 6th – free

Feb 13th – Jean

Feb 20th– free

Feb 27th – free

Mar 6th – Nicki

Mar 13th – Steve Carr

Mar 20th – Neil

Mar 27th – free


As you can see, there are many gaps.  Please consider joining in with this challenge by selecting a date to lead a walk.  The challenge will run through to the end of July, so there will be plenty of opportunities to book your slot.  Only by working together can we achieve our 22:22challenge!

Best wishes


New: Mid week monthly walks

We are piloting a new Mid-week monthly walk in 2022. This will take place on a Wednesday and can be a half or full day walk. I would welcome suggestions and leaders for these walks.


The first walk will be in the Horsenden Hill, Perivale area and details will be sent soon. 


Details to follow

Subscriptions due


It's that time of year again and your 2022 EOC subscription is due. 

The amount has not increased and is still £15.00 p.a. per adult. (£7.50 for a child)


A bank transfer would be preferable ('Ealing Outdoor Club' Account No. 00087604, Sort Code: 30-92-82)  


Unless your details have changed, you don't need to fill the attached membership form. An email confirmation that your details remain the same and that payment has been made would suffice  


Please note that if you have joined after 1st October 2021 no subscription is due until 1st January 2023. 


Trusting that COVID is no longer a novelty for anyone, we will revert to the club's standard practice of retiring the old mailing list by end of March and replacing it with a new one including 2022 members only.


Please refer to the article 11 of the constitution stipulating to remove members if annual subscription remains unpaid for three calendar months after becoming due. 


Happy walking in 2022


Social Nights
Did you know that some members meet on a regular basis for a social drink and conversation at the DoubleTree, Ealing Common? Meetings take place at 9:00pm.

Theatre Trips
Occasional theatre trips take place. Details will be posted here. 

Meet a committee member
Occasional pub nights are organised by a committee member.
This is your chance to come along and tell them what you think about the club.