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Voluntary responsibility

Ealing Outdoor Club is run by volunteers and the walks and weekends away are organised on a voluntary basis. As such everyone taking part in the activities of the Club does so at their own risk. Neither the Club, nor the YHA will be held responsible for any accident, injury, damage or loss occurring as a result of any Club event, or in connection with travel to any such event, however caused.


Any transport sharing arrangements made are deemed to be between individuals, and it is the responsibility of the individual participant to satisfy himself or herself that the driver has appropriate insurance cover.

Adequate equipment

It is the responsibility of the participant in any event to ensure that he or she has adequate clothing, food, water and equipment including first-aid equipment, for the event. The group should stay together, so do think about your level of fitness and the walk description before selecting your walk.


No dogs on walks please...

We know that many people enjoy walking with dogs. Many walks, however, aren’t ideal for dogs and not everybody on the walk might have the same passion for canine pets. Most routes pass through farmland in close proximity to livestock and even the best trained dog may suddenly run off. Dogs on leads may also frighten livestock. The health and welfare of animals, wildlife and other walk members is something that must be respected by members of the EOC therefore we do not allow dogs on our walks.

Assistance dogs are permitted, but we ask that you talk to the walk leader in advance to check that it’s safe for an assistance dog to come along on that particular walk. 

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